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    Scrubby Back Exfoliator

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    Scrubby Back Exfoliator
    Still struggling with how to solve itchy back and hidden skin problems?
    You need a double-sided scrub towel. Give your back a spa day at home!

    Gentle Exfoliation

    This exfoliating washer towel is made by cotton and carbon fibre in Soft Roughness. Not over harsh like wooden brush, it bring you a gentle exfoliating feeling especially for sensitive skin and can be used in every normal day! 

    Deep Cleaning & Invigorate

    The skincare function helps to eliminate clogged pores and remove dead skin cells, fight dry skin, rough skin, rashes, eczema, back acne, and other skin problems. Flip the scrubber over to softly polish your body for a silky-smooth finish.

    Soft Double-sided Design

    The soft cotton terry covered side keeps shower gel foaming, gently massages and cleans the most sensitive parts of the skin.Dual-use handle type, rub back and hang in the sun.

    Extra Long Size

    when you folds it up, it is only the size of a handkerchief, but when stretched out, it is 82cm long. You can stretch your arm freely, Wash your back and areas out of reach, and you no need to worry about its slim body. It can bear the pull of 100 kg.

    Portable small

    This shower towel is light. When you use it, you will not feel any burden. When you travel, it does not occupy your space

    Sturdy & Durable

    Machine washable and made to last, our back scrubber will be there for your exfoliating needs even after many years and laundry cycles, all design has been improved based on customer feedback.


    1. Wet your whole body, remove grease with soap first

    2. Use soap or body wash on a long, damp scrub towel

    3. Rub back and forth in circles according to your bathing habits

    4. Rinse with clean water. After the shower, wash the long strip of washcloth and dry it for next use.

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